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Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Destin FL

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Deep Sea Charters

Why Choose O Sea D Charters?

O Sea D Fishing Charters offers deep sea fishing services in the Destin, Florida. Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide an unforgettable experience on the water. We offer custom private deep-sea and shark fishing trips. O Sea D is a private charter so you get your own private boat and captain. With O Sea D being a private charter, you get to choose what you want to catch rather than us telling you what you will catch. O Sea D Charters always asks our clients what their goals are and offer them different options and suggestions to meet those goals. So, whether you are wanting to go trolling or bottom fishing on our reefs and wrecks we will make it happen. Making memories is our goal, so please join us for a fun day of fishing and bring home a great catch! Call us directly today to talk about your next fishing trip!

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We have plenty of options when it comes to what boat you want to fish on. We have a total of 3 center console boats which are built for fishability and speed. All 3 of these boats are some of the newer and bigger boats in Destin’s center console fleet. Two of our boats are state licensed boats which means you will be fishing a little closer to shore and you can typically see land in the distance. Our other boat is a federally permitted boat which means we can fish anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico. This boat is typically the boat that will go way offshore into the deeper waters and have more options on what kind of fish you can target.

The max amount of people per boat is 6. However, If you have a larger group we can still accommodate. Having 3 boats in the fleet we can take up to 18 people. All boats are docked together in the same marina so everyone can leave together and return together.

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O Sea D Fishing Charters is located on the boardwalk in the Destin Harbor at East Pass Marina. This is one of the best locations to depart from as its only minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. All of our boats are twin engine boats and built for speed, so we will be fishing soon! Our marina has private parking and is extremely convenient, once you park you are only steps away from all 3 of our boats. After each trip you get to show off your catch to all the pedestrians walking up and down the boardwalk!

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing in Destin Florida has become one of the largest attractions Destin has to offer. Everyone wants a big catch and catching sharks is truly the way to do so. It doesn’t get more exciting than catching monster sharks and the stories that follow that big catch. Come join us to make memories for a life time!

Deep Sea Fishing

O Sea D Charters is available for deep sea fishing in Destin, FL. Our charters cater to both beginners and avid fisherman. We strive to ensure that you have the best time possible and step off the boat with a big smile! O Sea D Charters targets a wide range of fish including but not limited to: snapper and grouper species, amberjacks, triggerfish, cobia, mahi mahi, wahoo, and many others!

Private Boat Tours

We also offer private boat tours. These tours are for those days you just want to go for a boat ride. In these customized tours we can look for dolphins, tour the Destin harbor, see crab island, local bayous, beaches and more. They are mostly seasonal tours so call for rates!

Ben Martin

“Had the best fishing experience with Captain Jeff. He was willing to teach and show me how to improve my fishing. We caught 4 sharks within 50 minutes in his spot. Two of them were 8-10 ft Nurse Sharks and the others were reef sharks. An amazing experience. I will definitely be back to fish again with O Sea D Fishing Charters. ”

Emily Syrews

“Jeff is excellent! Had the best time fishing with him today. He went above and beyond to make sure we saw and hooked multiple sharks today. Definitely going with him again next time we are in town!”

Brad Posey

“Captain Jeff has put me on the fish many times. He smoked my arms with AJ's and got me hooked up to the biggest red snapper I have ever caught as well as other species like wahoo and mahi mahi. I highly recommend O SEA D Charters for all your fishing needs... Thanks for the Best times.”

Tony Ferguson

“Captain Jeff was incredible. This was THE best fishing charter we've ever taken. He was all about the fish and the experience and making it count. He made sure it was a trip to remember. We caught more than we honestly expected. It was a great time and we won't ever fish with anyone else when we are in the area. Cannot say enough good stuff about this trip, the experience or Captain Jeff.”

Professional Shark Charters

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